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Hei! We are Felix and Pamela. We love to go on adventures, whether in our home country Germany or in distant countries. We love to discover new cultures, traditions, good food, looking behind corners, meet new, inspiring people, the countryside, hiking, nature, taking photographs of great things and also small serendipities. We are looking for stories and are now going to share a few of our findings and encounters with you. We hope you enjoy the one or the other post.

If you have any questions, just wanna say hello or for any other enquiries feel free to drop us a line.

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My name is Pamela, I’m a very curious person, I like to discover the inconspicuous as much as the eye-catching and I love to observe people in new and usual places. Besides that I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. For this blog I write little texts and take some photographs. If you want to explore more visit my sites:


Hi, I’m Felix, I like to go fishing, exploring urban landscapes and be outside in the nature. As a professional I’m a cinematographer and motion designer. I love to capture moments of everyday life and to discover places off the beaten path. For this blog I shoot mostly photos. Check also my other sites: